Food, Cake & Clothing Revue

The Food, Cake & Clothing Revue will be August 1, at Century Hall in Wauzkea. Registration is due on July 18th.

More information on each revue:

Foods Revue:  This is a county event where members create a menu, one item on the menu, the recipe and the place setting to be judged. The member sits down face to face with the judge and is asked questions about foods and nutrition, what they choose to present and the member’s experience with the project. This gives you a chance to show and tell how the food you prepared fits in with a meal you have planned.  Check out the registration form for the categories and pick one or more to enter.  Looking for a challenge?? Try the “project display of a traditional recipe made healthier.”

Cake Revue: Pick one (or more) of the categories on the entry form and decorate a cake.  Sounds easy?  Need help? Rhonda Cerven, cake decorating project leader, would like to help. She will be available on the afternoon of August 1 to help members decorate their cakes.  Bring your cake to Century Hall and get started! She will have some frosting and decorating tools on hand. Maybe you don’t want to make a cake for the revue, but want to give it a try? Come and decorate one of the cupcakes she will have for the cake walk at the fair. Questions? Contact Rhonda at 379-3091 and let her know you are coming and she will let you know what time to meet her.

Clothing Revue:  Check out the registration form, find something that interests you and give it a try. Clothing project leaders, Ann Dennis and Orsa Cornwall, have been holding monthly project meetings to help members learn the basics of sewing. Give Orsa a call to see what you can do in the project, 872-2428. Participants model their selections they have made before a judge and talk to the judge about how they made it.

Clothing Revue Registration

Foods and Cake Revue Registration